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Everyone must make their own decisions regarding whom they feel comfortable with.

In providing tools for you, we collect no fees for software or financial products (please note our participation in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program enables us to collect advertising revenue on the Free Download page). Our only agenda is your benefit. We rely heavily upon word of mouth advertising and suggest you recommend us to others only if you think it would be genuinely beneficial for them. We are not asking you to work for us; we are asking you to work for yourselves by properly helping those around you. To insure our pricing is fair, our first act is to analyze your situation to estimate the potential for benefit and only offer services to the extent they are helpful. Our hourly rate can then be capped to insure you are not buying more service than you need.

If we provide a legitimate benefit to you, you will want to keep us around by insuring we can stay in business. If we charge too much or offer poor quality advice, we will not be of legitimate benefit to you. Our relationships are symbiotic.

Legal - The purpose of this site and all services offered are educational in nature and not to provide any investment advice, planning or recommendations of any securities. The purpose is to educate you to make your own financial decisions, or prepare you to evaluate your financial advisors with confidence so you can gain trust in the services they provide.





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