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Financial Self Defense Program

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fsdp cover The author has been a student of martial arts for nearly 40 years and engaged in financial study and management for over 30 years. This short book distills these years of experience so the reader can approach their financial management and education with the discipline of the martial arts. Martial arts teach one to engage in an activity with calm, efficiency and integrate the process with one’s life mission of finding happiness. The purpose of the Integrated Financial Education Series is to provide individuals with a system to manage their finances with a minimum cost both in terms of time and money. 

Recent surveys suggest many people feel overwhelmed by the complexity of managing their personal finances. Yet without the ability to rely upon a pension for retirement, they must take more responsibility for their lifetime spending needs. Recognizing that our financial system is broken, they do not know where to turn to find advice. Many people do not want to manage their own finances, but are not completely comfortable with the alternatives.

Whether one only wants to find a trustworthy adviser or become self-directed, this book and supporting links simplifies the process. First the book helps the reader identify the areas of finance that will produce for them the

greatest economic benefit. By limiting the areas of finance studied, the overwhelming task becomes manageable. Then unlike some rules of thumb common in the financial media, real depth in thought is needed to be certain that one’s efforts are genuinely directed towards achieving their goals. Once a framework is developed for financial decisions, it can be applied quickly and easily to any decision that may arise over time. If one wishes to continue their financial education, cost effective resources are suggested.

The reader is also challenged to question how their approach will lead to happiness. Ultimately, the approach to study and the resulting decision processes are rooted in martial arts discipline to promote efficiency as well as happiness in life.

  Financial Self Defense Program:


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Financial Self Defense Program:


fsdp cover

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