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Pricing - Fee Only

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Our obligation to our clients is to charge a fair price which enables us to continue being genuinely helpful to others without greed for ourselves.

All information from the web site is available free of charge.

The educational services charge a fee only rate of $100/hour plus travel irrespective of the number of people. For fairly simple to moderate situations, 2-3 hours is a normal amount of time. As Chairman Bernanke explained "achieving and maintaining financial know-how is a lifelong undertaking," we recommend you consider repeating the service (infrequently) to the extent your need for knowledge and/or your life circumstances change and you have some different questions that were not covered before. Different approaches to instruction are possible based upon the learning style of each individual; please inquire.

The coaching service is provided without fees of any kind. The discussions that involve coaching typically take place at client meetings and follow up phone calls as needed. They can take place entirely by phone as well.

We encourage clients to look closely at their situation and discuss with us what benefits they might derive for the service provided. If the financial benefit is small, we should curtail the work to keep costs appropriate. We are happy to cap fees at an appropriate level based upon the work involved and possible benefits.

If you do not feel you can afford our services due to low income, we do offer free services for those in need.

Legal - The purpose of this site and all services offered are educational in nature and not to provide any investment advice, planning or recommendations of any securities. The purpose is to educate you to make your own financial decisions, or prepare you to evaluate your financial advisors with confidence so you can gain trust in the services they provide.





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