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Financial Quiz

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Minimal work, maximum financial gain.

+ What is the most important tool for financial decisions? Knowing this can save $5-10,000 per adult annually for entire life*
+ What is the time value of money? The mathematics here drives all financial decisions.
+ How does a contemporary financial plan cover the key issues? Knowing this can also save you $5-10,000 per year as in question 1
+ I get nervous with financial crisis. How can I get more comfortable?
+ How do you figure out if your new home purchase is part of the next real estate bubble? Knowing this could save you 25% ov the value of your home*
+ How do you figure out whether it makes sense to refinance a mortgage? Knowing this could save you 12.5% of value of loan less closing costs*
+ How do you figure the value of securing your housing costs through owning a home and a fixed rate mortgage loan?
+ How do you measure the economic value of a college degree? Knowing this can save up to $100,000 in tuition*
+ What are the key factors in determining whether to use a Roth or regular IRA? Knowing this can save $45,000/adult*
+ Does it make sense to buy municipal bonds through a fund or directly? Knowing this could save up to 3-5% value of investment*
+ Is it better to invest in an index fund or actively managed mutual fund? Knowing this can save you fees of $15,000 on a long term $10,000 investment*
+ How can I value the tax benefits of a variable annuity with tax deferral? Knowing this can provide the same benefit as the last question.
+ What are the best and worst ways to borrow money? Knowing this can save you $7,000 interest on a $5,000 loan*
+ How much money do I need to have available in an emergency?
+ When spending down my assets in retirement, what can I do to be sure I have enough to live on?
+ I am getting divorced; how do I deal with the cost of two homes efficiently?
+ How much life insurance do I need?


If these questions were difficult, read about our financial education services first. If you did not find these questions challenging, our free ebook and supporting articles may be of particular interest.

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