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Learning the material necessary to make sound financial decisions is not very difficult. It can be done either quickly or inexpensively, but probably not both. The seminal texts on martial arts training may also be of interest...

Free - Financial Calculations in Excel -

Explanation of theory with simple calculations -

Free spreadsheets with more in depth applications - (time value [theory plus loan calculations], real rates, bond value [more comprehensive], stock value are particularly useful subjects)

Free - Martial Arts Philosophy

The Art of War by Sun Tzu -

The Art of Peace by Morehei Ueshiba -

A Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi -

The Unfettered Mind by Takuan Soho -

Web Sites for Some Finance Professors and other Educational Resources (Free, *Cost Effective or **Offer Both)

Zvi Bodie -

**Jeremy Siegel -

*Laurence Kotlikoff ESPlanner -

Robert Schiller Macromarkets (Real Estate)-

William Sharpe - *Financial Engines for Employers Planning in Fantasy Land and style analysis and proper benchmark selection to evaluate mutual fund performance followed by

CFA Educational Materials for Individuals -

CFP Educational Section -

The Kinder Institute for Financial Life Planning -

Beyond Success for coaching, consulting & wealth management -

Financial Data, News & Other Info

Free tax software for agi < $57k from IRS -

Yahoo Finance -

Federal Reserve Bank St Louis - best to use stocks with dividends as in Wilshire indices_

MSCI (International Stocks) -

Macromarkets (Real Estate) -

Bank Rate Monitor (CD & Loan Rates and Bank Financial Condition, etc.) -

A. M. Best (Insurance company financial condition) -

**Morningstar (Stocks, mutual funds, etc.) -

**Zacks (Stocks) -

** (Economics, market synopsis, etc.) -

Bond Market Info -

Bloomberg News -

Economist Magazine -

Budgeting -

*Financial Planning -

Financial Planning Topics -

Financial Planning - ,

Financial Planning - Discretionary Wealth Approach

Example of Asset Allocation among types of stocks -


Legal - The purpose of this site and all services offered are educational in nature and not to provide any investment advice, planning or recommendations of any securities. The purpose is to educate you to make your own financial decisions, or prepare you to evaluate your financial advisors with confidence so you can gain trust in the services they provide.




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