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Investing is the last part of the equation. For the most part this process is covered in the financial planning section. Philosophically, the approach to investments here boils down to the process we call facing the situation, accepting it, dealing with it and letting it go. We face the totality of our circumstances rather than shrink from it. We accept our situation rather than trying to squirm out of it. We even need to accept any responsibility we may have had in bringing our circumstances about. When we are prepared to deal with our situation fully, then do exactly that, and then completely let it go (usually the hardest point). Chances are we cannot complete every aspect in one sitting. In that case we go as far as we can and then just drop the subject and move on to our next task. We come back to the investments at a time when we can make more progress again. Then we let it go again without any further thought. Understanding this process here can be generalized to any task and will be very helpful. It can also serve as a good example for others in our lives.  

In terms of focusing on the happiness of others more broadly, some of the same principles from consumption apply. For example, investments are normally tools to finance various types of institutions, both public and private. Well, how are these organizations doing in terms of helping others? Are they governments that kill their own people or are they saving the lives of others. Are they companies that increase global warming? What about micro finance, lending to the most destitute so they can pull themselves out of their troubles ? Or are the micro finance companies really just overcharging the poor and looking for handouts from the wealthy for the privilege. Socially responsible investing is a relatively new area where there are many definitions of what exactly is socially responsible. You don't have to accept anyone else's definition, but some thought in this arena can help. While they have done some research on the performance of socially responsible companies to see if there is a give up in returns, common sense would dictate that all else being equal social responsibility should enhance performance. Companies that take advantage of their consumers, employers or the environment are ultimately held accountable for their actions and suffer the consequences for their actions. From a martial perspective, one is never forced to choose between doing good and doing well. 

Legal - The purpose of this site and all services offered are educational in nature and not to provide any investment advice, planning or recommendations of any securities. The purpose is to educate you to make your own financial decisions, or prepare you to evaluate your financial advisors with confidence so you can gain trust in the services they provide.




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