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Most people seek out a financial advice for two basic reasons: they are seeking to be happy and they need expertise in financial management. As human beings we don’t take any action without the underlying motive of seeking happiness. When we seek expertise in finance, we are looking to understand the impact of various decisions on our ability to consume over our lifetime and for our children. Yet many in the field of finance recognize that our financial decisions often result in unhappiness as we often can’t seem to control our impulses. We defeat ourselves at every turn. An entire field of behavioral finance has emerged to deal with some of these issues. However, the strategies they seek have already been developed centuries earlier and are well tested in other disciplines.  

For example, the martial arts traditions teach how one can achieve their goals in the most efficient possible manner while at the same time achieving a more genuine sense of peace and happiness. For this reason, many business people in Asia as well as the West study seminal texts such as Miyamoto Musashi’s “Book of Five Rings,” or Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.” They seek to study strategy from the martial arts and apply it to the business world. 

The financial coaching service uses the same framework as martial arts training to produce the best results with the least effort in an ethically sound manner. The efficiency of this approach also moves one along the continuum of finding a happier existence. In our approach we target all areas of our financial lives: earning, spending and investing. 






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